Tonight’s Episode of America’s Got Talent

Watching this show always reminds me of how talentless I am and tonight’s episode basically rubbed it in my face! There were some great acts and not so great ones. I am going to start out with my top three acts then talk about my bottom three acts. I always get shivers when I see Eric Dittelman walk out on the stage. How the hell does he know what people are thinking of? It makes me wonder if he already knows the winner to the competition or not… Another favorite of mine is William Close. Wow. He knows how to put on a show. I would actually pay to see him live, so I can take in the beauty of the earth harp. My last favorite is Joe Castillo. He creates stories out of sand! Too cool. Now to the worst acts. Horse. Horrible stage name. Can you imagine a show centered around a guy getting kicked in the balls in Las Vegas? No. Ulysses. How could the judges allow this guy to make it this far? I am sorry, but someone with more talent could have used his spot. Say Andrew De Leon? I do feel horrible for the guy because he looked like he was going to bawl after listening to his critique from the judges. David “The Bullet” Smith. After seeing this act one time, it becomes boring. A guy shoots out of a cannon. What more else is there?

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